Show Us Your #covermoment: February Edition

I know. I can't believe it's STILL winter either. Is it just me or are we, in fact, all sick of wearing pants and/or tights? Miraculously enough, there are actually some beautiful people who managed to find a silver selfie lining this month and shared their best February #covermoment with us. (Polar vortex, be damned!) Below are a few of our fave photos from the past 28 days that we saw on Check 'em out below!



Photo via @keelsq

This photo presents a perfect #covermoment for several reasons: @keelsq's gorgeous smile and that warm-looking background! Palm trees, ocean, and sunshine are hard to come by in NYC these days, so we know why she's showing off her pearly whites. We would be too. With her natural look and windswept hair, Kels has her tropical beauty game on lock.



Photo via @po1aroid

Taking bathroom selfies is an art, and @po1aroid is the Michelangelo of her day. She's managed to show off her insanely long lashes and expertly applied eye liner from an arm's length away! The angle also gives us a perfect view of her flawless skin and perfectly flipped hair. If she's offering lessons in bathroom selfies, we'd like to sign up.



Photo via @jennastallone_

@Jennastallone_ seems to feel our cold weather pain, but she doesn't look too sad about it. Her perfectly lined upper (and lower!) lashes totally emphasize her baby blues. She's kept the rest of her look minimal, but has a rosy glow to her gorgeous skin. She is an expert eyeliner applicant and car selfie taker.

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