Harry Styles Got A New Tattoo And It's Totally Romantic


Harry's heart is officially within reach.
Photo: Splash News

Sorry, world (and Maeve, especially). You put up a good fight, but I just figured out how to make Harry Styles my husband. No, it doesn't have anything to do with One Direction's new perfume, or repairing Harry's holey/holy black jeans, headgear, and fashion shows, or taking down his lyrically outspoken famous ex. *WINK*

I've come to the conclusion that Harry Styles, both figuratively AND literally, wears his precious little heart on his bulging bicep sleeve. And I'm going to take full advantage of my recently acquired knowledge by appealing to his love of symbolic body art. Yep, that's right. I'm going to get a tattoo of my cardiac muscle on my left arm, just like the one Hazza casually debuted on a recent outing, so that there'll be no question in his mind that we are TOTALLY made for each other. Two hearts, beating as one. #notpsychoatall

For those of you out there keeping track, this is Harry's 493,842nd tattoo (approximately, I'm guessing). But he didn't immediately show it off on Instagram like some celebs choose to do. Instead, Styles just decided to go about his business (the business of buying orange Jarritos) with a slightly rolled-up sleeve—basically implying that (1) his new, anatomically correct ink (which is reminiscent of the Da Vinci design Miley Cyrus got last year) is NBD, and (2) it's obviously meant for my eyes only.

So, in short, it'd probably be best if the rest of you just went ahead and cut your losses now—and maybe, just maybe, you'll score an invite to our wedding. (P.S. We're definitely going to have at LEAST one sewing machine on our registry to keep those black jeans in tact, in case you want to get a head start.)

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