Add To Cart: Unif 'Mariah Don't Carey' Bomber Jacket

If you even remotely like Mariah Carey, clothes, or IDK Planet Earth, there is a jacket that just came in stock at Nasty Gal that you NEED to know about. The brainchild of notoriously irreverent brand Unif, our new favorite statement piece first came to our attention about a month ago, courtesy of a sneak-peek Instagram, and we've been feverishly refreshing the e-tailer's homepage ever since.

I mean, look at this thing! It's a satin-y bomber jacket in cotton-candy pastel tie-dye with a rainbow, a rose, a microphone, and MARIAH DON'T CAREY in Old English serif font embroidered on the back. The springiest color palette + a sassy, borderline rude (in the BEST way) slogan that also incorporates one of our all-time favorite artists EVER? It's basically, like, a '90s girl's daydream version of Ryan Gosling's Drive sukajan jacket, and it will immediately add an extra layer (heh) of badass to even the simplest of outfits. This is a no-brainer. Add to cart.

I know that, at $208, it's not necessarily a ~steal~, but umm, shame on you for thinking brilliance like this would come cheap. If you're so unwilling to reward a cuh-LEARLY genius idea, maybe you should have thought of it first? *Kanye shrug* While it's certainly not a bargain, it's not a completely unreasonable price for outerwear—let alone a piece with as much personality as this. Plus, the great thing about jackets is: You can wear the same one every day and no one will shade you for it. (Shirts, on the other hand...) So, if you're on the fence, consider it an investment! And consider yourself welcome for the early tip.

ADD TO CART: Unif Don't Carey Bomber Jacket ($208, Nasty Gal)

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