One Direction Announces A New Edition Of Our Moment Perfume

One Direction

One Direction thinking about That Moment.
Photo: Getty Images

Directioners, y'all better start bathing in Our Moment, because One Direction already has a new perfume on the way. In a video just released by the band, Harry reveals that a new edition of Our Moment, not-very-creatively named That Moment, will be released soon. Before we get to this new perfume, can we talk about the video? Is this 30-second clip the reason Harry was MIA when the band won its first award at the 2014 Brit Awards? He's in the same outfit and a dimly lit room—who knows how long he was hanging out in there. Is it called That Moment because of that moment when Harry was nowhere to be found? Some questions have no answers.

The new fragrance, Harry tell us, will take some of the old notes like "pink grapefruit and jasmine" and mix them with "green apple and violet." The best part, though (LBR, we're not buying it because of how it smells), is that it'll come in a "swanky new bottle." YAAAS. Swanky bottles are the best kind of bottles!! Let's check this bad-boy bottle out!

One Direction

One Direction's That Moment bottle.
Photo: Coburn

Oh. This bottle, though still swanky, is not actually all that different from the original. It has a clear top in the place of a pink one and is more opaque. It also, appropriately, says "That Moment" instead of "Our Moment." Swag. The new edition will be released in early April, so better get spritzing.


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