Check Out The Original (Uncensored) Sketch For Beyonce’s Versace ‘Bow Down’ Jacket

Versace’s original sketch and Beyonce wearing the ’Bow Down’ jacket.
Photo: Beyonce’s Tumblr

We’ve been keeping track of Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter Show wardrobe to an almost obsessive degree lately. (So have you. Don’t try to deny it.) The new custom-made Versace pieces have surpassed all expectations, and the original design drawings posted to Bey’s website are such a welcome bonus. Seeing the transition from sketch to stage is pretty remarkable, but we couldn’t help noticing an obvious difference between the final product and OG design of that epic “Bow Down” moto jacket. It seems Donatella may have originally wanted the back to read “Bitches Bow Down” but ultimately, a slightly more PG version ended up on the piece.

Beyonce wearing the edited ’Bow Down’ jacket.
Photo: Beyonce’s Tumblr

Regardless of the edit, the sketch just underscores all of the reasons this look is already one of our favorites from the tour. All the important features of the IRL version are on full display: millions of studs, leather woven sleeves, criss-crossed bodysuit, etc. And as much as we would have loved to see Beyonce in thigh-high black OTKs, those things would probably be impossible to move in, let alone take on and off for her countless quick-changes. You have to reserve SOME shred of practicality when you’re performing in a sold-out world tour.

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