Kanye West Explains His Frustration With Fashion On 'Late Night With Seth Meyers'

Kanye West

Kanye West on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers.'
Photo: Getty Images

Last night, Kanye West was a guest on the second episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, and, as usual, he talked about fashion. What was unusual, at least according to the internet, was the tone with which he spoke. It was soft, and his notoriously unwieldy comparisons were (mostly) in check, seeming to better illustrate his point. The thing is, though, that what he said last night is, bare bones, the same stuff he's been saying for months. All he did was lower his voice.

Ye explained that his frustration with fashion and designing stems from the box that he's been put into because he's a celebrity and a musician. He wants, as he's made abundantly clear before, to be able to channel his creativity into media other than music. He wants to give you "sculptures" in the form of fashion, rather than "sonic paintings" in the form of music. Considering the mini sculptures he's produced so far (aka Red Octobers) sold out in under 11 minutes, I think people will be willing to shell out big dough for his full-size ones.

Kanye went on to talk about how he's in the process of breaking down creative boundaries that limit what he's allowed to do. Seth chimed in with an excellent point (you're killing it, bb!) that this situation is much akin to West's initial struggle 10 years ago with his breakout album, The College Dropout, defying naysayers by channeling his creativity into his own rap songs versus just producing beats for other people. Seth adds that Ye has long predicted his success before anyone else believes it, and because of that, Seth is betting on him. If only he had a fashion company (Kanye West Joke 2014™).


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