Allison Was All About Denim On Last Night's 'Teen Wolf'

On last night's Teen Wolf, most of our old friends were back together, teaming up to rob an armored truck. You know, just normal high school things. One friend who was MIA was Stiles, which is because he had committed himself to a mental institution so he couldn't kill/maim/deceive anyone else in Beacon Hills. So thoughtful, that Stiles.

The majority of the episode was focused on Stiles, who was surrounded by a sea of gray uniforms, but outside of the hospital's gates, we were treated to fleeting glimpses of fashion. Allison, for instance, flaunted her love for denim. She matched with Scott in double denim last season, but she upped the ante last night: triple denim (OK, not all at once).

Teen Wolf

Allison and Scott on 'Teen Wolf.'
Photo: MTV

At the beginning of the episode, she appeared in overalls, which is worthy of discussion in and of itself. Sure, overalls seem to always be making a ~comeback~, at least according to magazines and stores, but actually seeing them on a human's body IRL is a challenge. But Allison Argent breaks them out like NBD and wears them with a chambray shirt tied around her waist? She's chambray. This look is the new Canadian tuxedo, as far as I'm concerned. It's actually denim ON denim. And it's not the only time she wears the material in the episode!

Teen Wolf

Allison, Scott, and the twins on 'Teen Wolf.'
Photo: MTV

Allison apparently did not reach her jean limit with that first outfit—the following day she wore a jean jacket (the same one she wore last season) with a skirt. The sleeves of her striped shirt stick out below her rolled up jacket sleeves, and, IMHO, it looks pretty cool. I'm learning so many new ways to turn my denim game up. Thanks, Allison!

You can peep Allison's denim looks, as well as everything else on last night's episode of Teen Wolf, below!


Teen Wolf — 'Echo House'

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