Soup Du Jour: Nike Roshe Run Midnight Craftwork

Nike Roshe Run Midnight Craftwork

How bout them apples? By apples we mean sneakers.
Photo: Nike Blog


See those cute babes up there? Those foxy li'l shoesies? Artist Yuko Kanatani collaborated with Nike to create a Roshe Run unlike anything else in their collection. For real though—according to Nike Blog, the artist hand-stitched beads, ribbons, and CANDY WRAPPERS on fabric to create a unique design. The result was photographed, combined with hand drawings and then printed on purple textile. YES. Would wear the F out of these.

You're a smart person, so you already know of and perhaps adore the Nike Roshe Run. They're supes cool, obscenely comfortable and available in colorways aplenty. This Midnight Craftwork edition is a bonus dose of goodness on top of an already bountiful supply; an on-the-house cookie at your favorite cafe when you were already excited about the coffee. Or whatever metaphor you prefer.


Yup, there's a whole matching outfit.
Photo: Nike

These pups are supplementary to Kanatani's current design for Nike's "Tight of the Moment." The tights, a sports bra, and the Midnight Craftwork Roshe Runs will be available at select Nike retailers this Friday, February 28 (TODAY!!!). So see you at 21 Mercer in NYC. I'll be the one in line in front of you.

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