What Color Hat Will Pharrell Wear To The Oscars?


Pharrell and his rainbow of hats.
Photos: Getty Images

You guys. Pharrell Williams' hat game is just getting better and better. We didn't think that was possible, seeing as the oversized millinery he wore to the Grammys is already more famous than you or I will ever be. But then again, we didn't realize the now-infamous Vivienne Westwood accessory comes in a variety of bold colors, many of which Pharrell has been wearing lately. What's better than a brown Buffalo hat? A FUCHSIA Buffalo hat.


Pharrell breaks out his fuchsia hat.
Photo: @youngy_18 Instagram

This coming Sunday, Skateboard P will have another high-profile opportunity to wear one of these sky-high dome dusters: his upcoming Oscars performance. Pharrell will be singing "Happy," his Best Original Song-nominated hit, and we're on the edge of our seats with anticipation for whatever he's bringing in the hat department.

According to the Mountain Hat's product page, there are still a few available colors that Pharrell hasn't been photographed in yet, including black, bordeaux, and navy. Maybe he'll arrive wearing one for the pre-show hoopla and then change for his actual performance (think back to his switcheroo during the Grammys)? Or maybe he'll choose the black version to go with the whole "black tie NOT optional" feel of the night? (Thanks to Celine Dion circa 1999, we know headgear is allowed on the red carpet.)

What color hat (or hats) do you hope Pharrell wears for his Oscars appearances? Anyone want to sign my petition to ask Vivienne Westwood to make him a custom metallic-gold hat just for the occasion? Please?

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