We Can't Stop Looking At Selena Gomez's Adidas Neo GIFs

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez for Adidas NEO.
ALL GIFS: Adidas Neo's Tumblr

It's Friday, which means it's time to start coming down from your productive week and let your brain relax. To ease you into a more weekend-appropriate zzzzzz mode, look no further than Adidas Neo's Tumblr, where the brand has been posting behind-the-scenes images of Selena Gomez every day. The photos are gorgeous (obvi), but the GIFs are what we can't stop staring at for inappropriately long amounts of time. They're hypnotic, and Selena manages to look cooler ripping up paper or snarling at the camera on continuous loops than is humanly possible.

Selena Gomez

The best part about these GIFs is that they really show us how the clothing looks IRL, more so than regular ol' print ads. No longer do you have to wonder how your wedge-heeled trainers would look propped up on table. (Answer: Awesome. V. nonchalant. Like "Sup? I'm a rebel.")

Selena Gomez

OR if your gray leather jacket goes with a floral dress. (Answer: It does.) The main takeaway from all of this? GIFs make it way easier to picture yourself wearing pretty much everything. So, props to Neo for breaking ground in the next frontier of retail marketing and advertising. Well played. (P.S. I call dibs on that floral-printed bomber).

Check out Adidas Neo on Tumblr to see Selena in all her GIF-able glory. There are enough epic wind-in-the-hair moments to keep you busy for at LEAST a couple hours. TGIF, Selenators!

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