Jennifer Lawrence's Third Dior Campaign Is Out

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior.
Photo: Getty Images

Somewhere in between winning a Golden Globe, a SAG Award, and promoting The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence found time to pose for a new Dior campaign. Jennifer's pixie, which makes its campaign debut, is windswept, combed back, and perfectly tousled. It's a very nonchalant way to make your big break, pixie. Props.

There is, of course, more to the photos than Jennifer's hair, including, y'know, clothes and bags. In one shot, Jennifer opts for no shirt and no pants—merely an oversized blazer to show off her colorful snakeskin bag. In another, she rests casually on a light pink bag while wearing a metallic gown. She's definitely comfortable sitting around in gowns. It makes sense, though, because she's had a lot of practice.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence for Dior.
Photo: Dior's YouTube Page

Her makeup, like in the last campaign, is minimal, forcing you to focus on the clothes and her eyebrows, which are darker and more prominent than ever before. There are two black-and-white shots in which she appears to have no makeup on, and while they're not really selling me Dior products, they are selling me one thing, big time: whatever face wash Jenn uses.

Bonus: WWD, where you can see the photos, reports that starting on Wednesday, will feature a video of Jennifer selecting her Oscars dress at Dior's workshop. Does this mean we'll get a preview of what she's wearing? We'll cross all of our fingers and toes, just in case.

Dior has Part One of its interview up, in which Jenn discusses her fave gowns and the happiness they bring her. The interview, though brief, will manage to hold us over til next week. We'll just watch it a few times in a row if we need to.

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