Beyonce's 'Yonce' Models Reunite For 'Well Dunn With Jourdan Dunn'

Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn, Joan Smalls

Chanel Iman and Joan Smalls join Jourdan Dunn on 'Well Dunn With Jourdan Dunn.'
Photo: Jay Z's Life + Times' YouTube Page

Looking to learn new recipes that are taught by beautiful people? You're in luck! The third season of Jourdan Dunn's online cooking show, "Well Done With Jourdan Dunn," just premiered and she had two fellow models helping her cook a vegan Thai chili. Chanel Iman and Joan Smalls assisted Jourdan in cutting vegetables and—oh, NBD—reminisced about that time they were all in a Beyonce video. It doesn't seem like a bad way to live, TBH.

The three ladies are without grills and dressed more casually than in the "Yonce" video (less lingerie, more denim), but they talk about where they were when it dropped and how Bey just let them do their thangs. Jourdan mentions a scene where she had to seduce Mrs. Carter, and Joan quips, "You can check it off of your bucket list!" Yeah, that's totally on my bucket list too. JK, I wish!

The trio is cooking vegan chili inspired, of course, by Bey and Jay's 22-day vegan challenge and the final result looks insanely good. If you decide to make this chili yourself, don't forget to gather two of your friends around to discuss that time when you were writhing on a blindfolded Beyonce. It adds a level of flavor you cannot achieve through other means.


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