Cara Delevingne Makes Fashion History By Live Instagramming Her Runway Walk

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne walking the Giles runway during London Fashion Week and Instagramming.
Photo: Getty Images

IDK about you, but I can barely walk in a straight line without keeping my eyes firmly planted on the ground in front of me. Trying to operate my phone without tripping or stepping into oncoming traffic? Never gonna happen. And thanks to Cara Delevingne, I'm made even more blatantly aware of my lack of motor-skill multitasking.

As if headlining London Fashion Week wasn't impressive enough, Cara filmed herself DURING her runway walks at Giles Deacon's show and posted the footage to her Instagram account. Of course, she made it look super easy and natural, which is why she's a professional model and I'm not (yep, that's the only reason).

The first of her six vids was like a teaser trailer. Cara shows us the backstage lineup, yelling, "It's about to happen, it's about to happen! Oh my gosh, first live video from a catwalk! AHHHHHHH!"

Cara took the subsequent five Instagram clips from the actual runway, alternating between selfie shots and shaky point-of-view angles. I'm pretty sure she's the only model who could get away with breaking her Blue Steel pout to smile and stick her tongue out at her own phone in the middle of a fashion show. Also, IDK about you, but I'm ALSO pretty sure this is the closest I will ever get to walking down a major runway (the takeaway: It's exciting, loud, and likely to give you an epileptic seizure).

The decision to have one of your models hold a phone in front of her face is definitely an unusual one, but props to Giles for trying something new. Cara's yellow case might have been a tad distracting from the actual clothes, but her famously down-to-earth personality and huge social media following make the situation a clear win overall for the British designer.

Check out all of Cara's videos and pics on Instagram, and enjoy feeling like a supermodel (and/or a person with excellent hand-eye coordination) for a few precious seconds.

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