Kristen Wiig Totally Nailed Harry Styles’ Look On ‘The Tonight Show’

Last night, on his second day hosting The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon was graced with the presence of an angel among men, Mr. Harry Styles. JK, it wasn’t really Harry! It was Kristen Wiig wearing her finest British boy-band regalia and chatting with Jimmy about Harry’s fave food (carnitas), animal (giraffe), and colour (green). While Harry’s answers and missing accent were a little suspect, his look was not. Let’s see how Kristen as Harry stacks up against real Harry, shall we?


Will the real Harry Styles please stand up?
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The T-shirt/blazer combo is a throwback to Harry’s old style (LOL), before he was a British Style Icon who wore Burberry and Yves Saint Laurent. While he prefers buttoned-up dress shirts with blazers these days, the open jacket, skinny black jeans, and shiny shoes are totally accurate. Kristen’s jeans could probably be tighter, but she probably didn’t want the blood in her legs to stop circulating.


Will the real Harry Styles please stand up?
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Accessory-wise, Kristen has a few too many necklaces on. Kristen wore three crosses—real Harry wears a solo cross and a Star of David charm. Kristen’s necklaces make Harry look like the Pope, but IRL he’s more like a kid who celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah.


Will the real Harry Styles please stand up?
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The hair, which is probably the hardest element of Harry’s look to recreate, was totally, 100%, dead-on accurate. The volume on top, the flat sides, and the curls were all there (because she styled it pointing two dueling hairdryers directly at each other with her mop in the crossfire). Granted, Harry’s hair has been lookin’ a little fourth- or fifth-day unwashed recently, making Kristen’s a little too clean by comparison, but we like this one best anyway.


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