The Gym Uniforms On 'Teen Wolf' Are Pretty Swaggy

Last night's Teen Wolf was, once again, packed with action, including mass electrocution, Stiles wreaking havoc and not remembering why, and Allison and Lydia's consortium with Peter Hale. The most shocking thing to me, TBH, was just how coordinated the Beacon Hills High students are during gym. I mean, is BHH sponsored by Nike?

Teen Wolf

Scott and the twins on 'Teen Wolf.'
Photo: MTV

I first noticed the mass coordination among three werewolves, so I chalked their monochromatic uniform up to their desire to be in a pack (it's not the first time), but also wanting to look stylish while growing fangs and sprouting lots of body hair. The twins have matching crew-neck sweatshirts (WITH ARM POCKETS FOR YOUR PHONE) while Scott wears a long-sleeve T-shirt with sewn-in thumb holes. The Alpha always gets the better shirt, I thought. Oh, I was wrong.

Teen Wolf

Beacon Hills High students on 'Teen Wolf.'
Photo: MTV

It's not just the supernatural beings who dress well for gym at Beacon Hills High—it's everyone! I have never seen a group wear gray so well. During gym at my high school, people wore platform sneakers and skirts over shorts. If you forgot a T-shirt, you wore a collared shirt that you then had to wear for the rest of the day. Sweating issues went unacknowledged. It was chaos. Yet in Beacon Hills, when there is actual chaos (bombs, Oni, werewolves), the students look like a beautiful photo with a grayscale filter. They are good at sports and look good while playing sports. I would like to attend Beacon Hills High for the free Nike swag, and also so I could meet Stiles (#hey). I know he's going through some stuff, but I'm OK with it.

Did your high school have beautiful gray Nike uniforms? If not, check them out in all their glory, below!


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