Is It Just Me Or Is This Polo Ralph Lauren Ad Straight Out Of 'Jarret's Room'?

Morgan O'Connor, Jimmy Fallon

Morgan O'Connor for Polo Ralph Lauren and Jimmy Fallon for 'Jarret's Room.'
Photo: Ralph Lauren/Getty Images/SNL/NBC

I know we just got done with a week of hyping up the new clothes that'll be gracing our closets the next time fall and winter come around, but I wanna rewind to present day for a sec. Have you guys seen the Fall/Winter 2013 campaign for Polo Ralph Lauren? Or I guess, since the campaign itself is actually pretty standard fare for RL—Americana, camping, incongruous brights + herringbone tweed styling choices—the better question is: Have you seen this new model with the dreads (Ford's Morgan O'Connor) who stars in it? And MOST important, is it just me or does he look EXACTLY like Jimmy Fallon's lovable webcast-hosting "Jarret's Room" character?

Jimmy Fallon, Horatio Sanz

Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz for 'Jarret's Room.'
Photo: Getty Images/SNL/NBC

You see—and forgive me for the too-thorough explanation, but I have no idea whether everyone was as obsessed with SNL's cutest newest cast member as I was at the time (late '90s/early aughts)—long before Jimmy Fallon took over the hosting desk of The Tonight Show, before he hosted a similar show at a slightly later time slot, and yes, even before starring alongside Queen Latifah in the cinematic classic Taxi, he was a key repertory player on Saturday Night Live. And during his tenure at SNL, one of his earliest most recognizable recurring characters was Jarret, a smiley stoner dude who hosted a 24/7 live webcast from the dorm he shared with his best friend Gobi (Horatio Sanz). While Horatio/Gobi wore iconic Deadhead style staples like baja hoodies, tie-dye, and the occasional humor tee, Jimmy/Jarret, whose walls were covered with snowboarding paraphernalia, was outfitted with much simpler, sportier wares: neutrals with the occasional bright accent and a head full of blonde dreadlocks. Sound familiar?

Morgan O'Connor

Morgan O'Connor for Polo Ralph Lauren.
Photo: Ralph Lauren

I rest my case.

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