The Best Braids From New York Fashion Week

We’ve already discussed beauty trends from New York Fashion Week, so now we need to discuss the other major player on runways that isn’t, y’know, clothing: HAIR! After looking at basically every Fashion Week picture that exists, we decided the number one trend that ruled the runways, hair-wise, was braids. There were braids everywhere. Some people may think braids are reserved for warmer seasons like spring or summer, but those people would be wrong. Fall/Winter braids are obviously becoming a ~thing~, so you better make sure your fingers are nimble come September. Check out braids from NYFW below!


Models at Nanette Lepore and Creatures of the Wind during New York Fashion Week.
Photos: Getty Images

Braided bangs, a somewhat underused plait in the braid world of which I’m queen, showed up twice on runways. The first was at Creatures of the Wind, where the braid practically covered the model’s entire forehead, and the second was at Nanette Lepore where it was thinner and sleeker. You don’t need actual bangs to get yourself some braided bangs—just comb some of your hair forward and voilà.


Models at Tibi, Marchesa, and Eckhaus Latta during New York Fashion Week.
Photos: Getty Images

Marchesa gave its models multiple cornrow-esque braids, while Tibi and Eckhaus Latta sent models out with just one braid down the middle of their hair. The Eckhaus Latta braid was reminiscent of the one Lorde has in her “Team” video, while the one at Tibi was like a tiny braided mohawk. Of all the braid styles from this season, these are the hardest to do yourself, IMHO.


A model at Whit during New York Fashion Week.
Photos: Getty Images

Milkmaid braids weren’t a trend exactly, but this delicately mussed version at Whit was so perfectly undone I couldn’t talk Fashion Week braids without mentioning it. Also Beyonce had a milkmaid braid last night, so I’ve obviously got them on the mind.


Models at Honor and Mara Hoffman during New York Fashion Week.
Photos: @luckymagazine Instagram/Getty Images

Mere braids weren’t enough for Honor and Mara Hoffman. Nope. They dressed their braids up with ribbon and gold spray paint, respectively. While the braids at Honor were very twisty and tight, the hair at Mara Hoffman was braided very loosely, and only at the bottom of the models’ long hair. Gold hair = ultimate opulence and I’m going to spray mine when I get home, baiiii.


Models at Creatures of the Wild and Emerson during New York Fashion Week.
Photos: Getty Images

Finally, there was a trend of braids on braids, which is just CRAY. Creatures of the Wild, as we saw above, featured braided bangs that were then braided into another braid at the back of the model’s head. Liiiike, I can’t. How many hands did this ’do require? Emerson also had multi-braids, with a number of skinny braids pulled into a loose french braid. Ima need a tutorial ASAP.

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