Nail Art Gets A Creative Reprieve At New York Fashion Week

Much to the dismay of naysayers/trend forecasters everywhere, nail art ain't goin' nowhere, y'all. In fact, I'm happy to report that it's alive and well and majorly #THRIVING on the Fall 2014 runways at New York Fashion Week. Nail artists pulled out all the stops this season with a brand new class of innovative designs, patterns, textures, and shapes. If you're still struggling to paint both hands without going through an entire bag of cotton balls and polish remover (no shade), you might want to take some notes. Unless you're into the finger-dipped trend, in which case, carry on. Check out our picks for the most creative nail art designs from New York Fashion Week after the jump!


Nail art at The Blonds.
Photos: Getty Images/CNDworld's Instagram

Here we have a small sampling of the nail art The Blonds sent down the runway for their Fall 2014 show. Welp, that'll do it, ladies and gentlemen. I think we can all go home now. They won nails. Congrats, CND. I don't even know how to describe half of these, because they are SO insanely detailed. Also because there are SO many. Like, there's at least fifteen in plain view. And that's not even counting those pink pointy suckers (which would no doubt get flagged as weapons by the T.S.A.). Just when we thought it couldn't get more diverse than last season's show, The Blonds went and outdid themselves. Literally.


Nail art at Cushnie Et Ochs.
Photo: Getty Images

Cushnie et Ochs called in their BFF manicurist, Pattie Yankee, for this stiletto-tipped, iridescent, oil-slick paint job that created a holographic illusion in certain kinds of light. HOLOGRAPHS, people. On fingernails. What's next? A life-size projection of a shirtless 2Pac performing the show's soundtrack? (Hey, it could happen.)


Nail art at Alice & Olivia.
Photo: MissPopNails' Instagram

This dotted crescent tip, designed by Miss Pop for Alice + Olivia, is, like, a next level French manicure. (Pop called it a "Tiara Tip," FYI.) By using Essie's Licorice and Good As Gold, the in-demand manicurist created the perfect complement to A + O's enchanted, Victorian-inspired line. She also added some subtle razzle-dazzle with a bejewled center for the half-moon base shape.


Nail art at Opening Ceremony, Lela Rose, Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan and Azede Jean-Pierre.
Photos: @essiepolish's Instagram, @butterlondon's Instagram, @MissPopNails' Instagram, Getty Images

One of the emerging trends in nail art this season was the unique use of negative space. Validating the lesson plans of Intro to Art teachers everywhere, Opening Ceremony, Lela Rose, Emerson, and Azede Jean-Pierre all decked their models out in this updated form of color-blocking by showing off slivers of natural nail.


Nail art at Degen.
Photo: @opi_products' Instagram

While everyone on the East Coast has been figuratively giving the finger to the never-ending polar vortex, Degen gave it the literal finger with this cheerful, cloud-covered design with adorable rainbow accents. Degen, we appreciate you. Your nails make us happy. Almost as happy as we'd be if there were ACTUAL blue skies outside right now. Almost.


Nail art at Thom Browne, Adam Selman, and Creatures of Comfort.
Photos: @maccosmetics' Instagram/Getty Images/@creaturesofcomfort's Instagram

Hate to say we told you so, but... LOL, JK! We don't hate saying this at all: WE TOLD YOU SO (about the dip-dyed finger art trend). Thom Browne, Adam Selman, and Creatures of Comfort all got their Lorde on with this throwback style that imitates midi rings and makes it totally okay if you're not great at painting inside the lines.


Nail art at Libertine.
Photo: @butterlondon's Instagram

Butter London did this metallic, sparkle-bombed design for Libertine, which they dubbed "the Glittered Goth." Hey, Rihanna, if you're reading this, we've found your next #LEWK. (That one's a freebie, but we're going to have to charge you for subsequent styling suggestions.)


Nail art at ICB.
Photo: @butterlondon's Instagram

Tweed: It's not just for old people and Chanel suits anymore. If you're not quite ready to incorporate unfinished wool into your wardrobe, this design, shown on models at ICB, is a pretty solid alternative. (And way less itchy.)


Nail art at Creatures of the Wind.
Photo: @butterlondon's Instagram

Creatures of the Wind used this water-marbled design to accent their Fall 2014 collection. Inspired by agate stones, this pastel swirl has us daydreaming about a spa trip to Arizona. Or anywhere else where it's warm and there's pretty rocks to look at.


Nail art at Dannijo and Nicole Miller.
Photos: @butterlondon's Instagram

Thought ombre was on its way out? Think again. (And I'm not just saying that because that's how my hair is currently dyed and I love it and I'm keeping it. So there.) Dannijo and Nicole Miller both used a similar style of gradient coloring, going from dark tips to a light shade at the base.


Nail art at Ohne Titel.
Photo: @ohnetitelny's Instagram

Sandwiches are pretty much the best. Grilled cheese, turkey and brie, peanut butter and jelly. What's not to like? With the exception of pizza, there's pretty much nothing better. Except for maybe this nail-art sandwich from Ohne Titel. They've swapped the bread out for gold bands and in the place of a tasty center, they used a matte Merlot. We're digging it. We're still kind of hungry, but we're definitely digging it.


Nail art at Band of Outsiders.
Photo: Getty Images

Now for the finale. We've saved the best most *ACHEM* imaginative for last. Taking a page from Thom Browne's Spring 2014 nail art textbook, Band of Outsiders swapped leather for latex to construct this gloved spin on digital design. #FASHUN and function meet at last! Why waste time with manicures when you can just paint your winter gloves with a white silhouette instead? Besides, this is clearly the way to go if you want to show off your GINORMOUS jeweled cocktail ring when you're pounding the pavement.

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