Did Katy Perry Just Get A Bob?

Katy Perry

Katy Perry and Jiff, chillin'.
Photo: @katyperry Instagram

If you can stop staring at possibly the world's cutest dog and direct your attention, like, two inches to the right, you may notice that Katy Perry's hair stops above her chin. Um, hi, Katy, it's us, your best friends, DID YOU GET A HAIRCUT?

In the preview for the "Dark Horse" video, which was released yesterday, Katy has a bob with bangs, but we just assumed it was a wig. We know Katy loves wigs (she even celebrates her successes with them), which is why we're not convinced the hair above is the stuff that grows out of her head. At the same time, short hair has been making waves again recently (see: Taylor Swift), and Katy hasn't had short hair since her colorful bob, so maybe she was ready for an IRL change.

At one of her last appearances, Katy brought back her bangs, but those were way choppier than the ones she has above. The night before, at the Grammys, she didn't have bangs, so who even knows. That Katy, she's messing with our heads.

We'll have to wait to see a picture where we're not distracted by a living pile of fluff to see whether Katy was inspired by Taylor Swift to make the may-jah chop. If she did, how many people do you think she forced to watch? I'm guessing fewer than 30.

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