Katy Perry Gets A New Grill For Her 'Dark Horse' Video

Katy Perry

Y'all ready for this?
Photo: Katy Perry's YouTube Page

Are you ready for a new Katy Perry video? Saddle up, y'all, cause "Dark Horse" is coming our way. The theme-loving Katy P that we know and love is back in full force, and this time she's coming to us from Memphis, Egypt. The video introduces Katy Patra, a magical queen, who wears a grill made out of straight-up rhinestones. Now, Katy is no stranger to rhinestone-encrusted grills, but this one leaves her mouth fully agape. (To be fair, this is an ancient artifact, so the craft of grill-making was perhaps not fully developed when she had it commissioned.)

Queen Patra has an Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra inspired bob, down to the braided front pieces. She's also a big fan of eye makeup. She not only reps the LA Lakers with her purple and gold shadow, but gets very #META with her eyeliner, which, on her right eye, is drawn into an Eye of Horus design. An Eye of Horus on her actual, IRL eye? Now that's a fully-executed theme.

The video seems as though it'll be a far cry from Katy's witchy Grammys performance, but we'll have to wait until February 20 to know for sure. Until then, I will be scouring the Earth for that specific shade of berry lipstick.


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