A Lucky Lamb Held Mariah Carey's Coat During Her 'MTV First' Interview


Mariah Carey and Sway.
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ICYMI, last night Mariah Carey sat down with Sway Calloway for "MTV First," during which she debuted her new music video, "You're Mine (Eternal)." While Mariah is very much topless in the video, she wore an Azzedine Alaia dress, Louboutins, and black fingerless gloves for the occasion. The lace dress allowed for Mariah to move, whether she needed to direct the lights, sit on her knees, or purposefully block Nick Cannon from Sway's line of vision. The woman can do it all and needs her own reality show right this second. Or at least a 24/7 live webcam streaming straight to me.


Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon on 'MTV First.'
Photo: Getty Images

The intimate audience was filled with Lambs (Mariah's fans, not bb sheep) who asked questions about dem babies and dem puppies, among other things, but one fan was treated to an experience the others could only dream of. Yep, she got to hold Mariah's Alaia trench coat. I repeat: She touched a jacket that had rested on Mariah's shoulder seconds before. If I had been bestowed such an honor, I would've rifled through the pockets and counted how many pairs of gloves Mariah has with her at all times, but this Lamb just neatly folded it, and placed it in her lap like NBD.

You can watch clips from the interview, including Mariah and Nick reenacting a scene from Mean Girls below. First, though, you have to watch Sway take Mariah's coat and hand it to a fan (you'll find her on the left). That girl is a hero.


MTV First: Mariah Carey

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