A Brief History Of Mariah Carey's Music Video Nudity


A still from Mariah Carey's 'You're Mine (Eternal)' video.
Photo: Island Def Jam

If you watched the "MTV First" premiere of Mariah Carey's new video, "You're Mine (Eternal)," you may have noticed mermaid Mimi is totally topless, save a whole lotta glitter. If you're a hardcore Lamb, or just someone who enjoys watching Mariah Carey videos on repeat (guilty), you may have realized this isn't the first time Mariah has bared almost all in one of her videos. In fact, she's done it at least four previous times. For a woman who loves her some clothes (see: her closet on MTV Cribs), she often opts out of them for videos. She's gotta separate her home life from her work life, y'know? Check out all of Mariah's past near-nude video appearances below!


Mariah Carey in her'Honey' video.
GIF: Dirrty-pop Tumblr

In the video for "Honey," Mariah isn't actually nude, but wears a tan bathing suit that blends with her skin so seamlessly she may as well be. She also swims with high heels on because, duh, she's Mariah.


A still from Mariah Carey's 'My All' video.
Photo: Sony Music Entertainment

In the video for "My All," Mariah is nearly nude, wearing nothing but a loosely draped sheet. From some angles (the one above, for instance), she does appear to be 100% in the buff. Something tells me she wanted it that way.


A still from Mariah Carey's 'Shake It Off' video.
Photo: Island Def Jam

In "Shake It Off" Mariah bathes (naked, as one does) in a tub filled with water and rose petals. Much like in the "You're Mine" video, she has her arms and legs draped strategically, keeping the video appropriate for all ages.


Mariah in the 'We Belong Together' video.
GIF: I-am-tripped Tumblr

Finally, in the "We Belong Together" video, Mariah bares the most skin (up until today's video release, at least) in a shower, with quick shots of her glistening chest and soaking wet hair. Maybe it took three videos of being almost naked in water for Mariah to realize what her ultimate music video character should be: a mermaid. Mission accomplished, Mimi.


Mariah Carey - "You're Mine (Eternal)"

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