Alexa Chung, Anna Kendrick, Chelsea Leyland, And More Celebrities At New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion

Alexa Chung, Anna Kendrick, and Chelsea Leyland at New York Fashion Week.
Photos: Getty Images

Are we really in the homestretch of New York Fashion Week already? It feels like just yesterday our favorite celebs, models, and designers were descending upon New York City to deliver us entertainment and fashion and now, in two short days, they'll disappear until September. Let's not dwell on the future, though, and instead embrace what we have now: celebrities at fashion shows.

Alexa Chung went casual for the Marc by Marc Jacobs show in an iridescent coat and jeans. Chelsea Leyland, on a similar casual tip, attended the Wes Gordon show in black jeans, a black moto jacket, and maroon loafers. Her entire ankle/foot area was exposed, which must've been so very cold. Finally, Anna Kendrick made her 90th appearance of the week (a rough estimation) at the Jenny Packham show, where she wore a color-block dress that served to remind me that spring exists and may be here soon.

Alexa, Anna, and Chelsea join the many other famous faces we've been keeping tabs of all week, so check them (and more!) out below.


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