Taylor Swift's Haircut Draws Audience Of 30+ People (Including Cara Delevingne And Ellie Goulding)

Taylor Swift

"Short hair, don't care. (!!!)" - Taylor Swift
Photo: @taylorswift's Instagram

Last night, Taylor Swift got her hair cut, and judging from her Instagram, it was an EVENT. It seems like just yesterday Taylor was flipping her hair every which way during her dramatic Grammy performance. Now that image is nothing more than a distant memory because Swift is reinvigorating THE haircut of 2013: The Chop, also known as The Karlie. In the midst of her international Red Tour, T. Swizzle took a moment Tuesday evening to show off her new, chin-length 'do on Instagram. "London, I could never thank you enough. See you next time! PS: short hair, don't care. (!!!)," she captioned the photo (of a photo?), which also features one of her best friends (a pool that just keeps growing and growing), Ellie Goulding.

Only a few hours before sharing the end result, Taylor posted a teaser video of a mob of people (consisting of at least 32 individuals—we counted) who gathered backstage to watch her transformation. As the camera pans the room, she says, "This is how many people are watching me get a haircut right now. We don't do anything without an audience, do we?" Hmmm... She may say she doesn't care about short hair, but it kind of seems like she cares a lot? You know when your crazy aunt gets a cute new cat and then posts about it on Facebook several times a day? It's kind of like that. Only your aunt probably isn't friends with Cara Delevingne. Or maybe she is! IDK what your family's like.

Taylor Swift

Cara Delevingne and Ellie Goulding celebrate Taylor Swift's haircut.
Photo: @elliegoulding's Instagram

So forget about NYFW (apparently Cara already has this season). Forget about the Olympics. Taylor Swift's haircut is a BFD.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift assembles a large audience before her haircut.
Photo: @caradelevingne's Instagram

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