How To Accessorize For A Low-Key Valentine’s Day

Don’t go overboard with the Valentine’s Day accessorizing.
Photo: Nasty Gal/ASOS/Urban Outfitters/LEIF/Bauble Bar

As you are probably well aware, Valentine’s Day is on Friday. While some people go all-out with reds, pinks, hearts, cupids, whatever, we prefer a simpler approach. There are plenty of options for you to acknowledge that it is, in fact, Valentine’s Day without gluing hearts made of doilies to all of your clothes. We’ve rounded up a few accessories that are perfect for a low-key Valentine’s Day look (and that you may even wear on days not found in February).

Probably not inspired by Beyonce.
Photo: Urban Outfitters

On Valentine’s Day, this XOXO ring could mean “hugs and kisses,” but on any other day, it could be just two of your favorite letters on a ring, next to each other. The delicate letters are pretty and subtle, so your finger won’t be screaming “I LOVE/NEED/WANT HUGS AND KISSES,” but will be nonchalant like, “Oh, the letters on the ring are also the way I sign all my emails.” Cool.

Photo: ASOS

This clutch should be too obvious for Valentine’s Day—it features red and glitter, after all—but, miraculously, it is not. The lips are more pursed (LOL, get it?) than kissy. They’re dealing with the holiday, rather than smiling about it. I know how they feel.

For avid AIM users only.
Photo: ASOS

This heart ring combines our fave things: gold and communicating without words. As any user of AIM, Gchat, Yahoo Messenger (JK, no one uses that) knows, less-than sign (< ) + the number three (3) = heart. You may send several of these to your friend after she sends you a link to a story about Harry Styles. Only people in the ~know~ will get this ring’s Valentine’s Day reference, which is why it is perfect.

This necklace is three necklaces in one, and again, says “I love you” without actually, y’know, saying it. Between the multiple chains, the varied fonts, and the graphic eye, people are unlikely to even realize the three pieces go together. They may just think you’re really into eyes which, IMHO, is totally fine.

Don’t break my heart, I only have one. JK!
Photo: LEIF

Sure, the hearts are sooo Valentine’s Day, but they’re black, which is so not. Also, since they’re not perfectly symmetrical and differently sized, if you stare at them long enough, they start to look more like polka dots or some sort of animal print.

Struck by luv.
Photo: Bauble Bar

This silver cuff is trendy at the moment anyway, but throw in the fact that it’s a “Cupid Cuff” and it is the ideal V-Day accessory. It’s simple enough to wear with other bracelets, or you can wear it alone, which YOU won’t be after cupid strikes you with one of his arrows. BOOM. Full circle.

Struck by luv.
Photo: ASOS

The most obvious of our choices for a low-key V-Day, this ring lays it all out on the table your finger. What you love, though, is not defined, so on Friday it could be directed toward a person, but on any other day it could be for, like, pizza. In the words of John Mayer and Katy Perry, “you love who you love.”

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