Kristen Stewart And Nicolas Ghesquiere: A Love Story Made In Fashion Heaven?

Kristen Stewart, Nicolas Ghesquiere

Kristen Stewart + Nicolas Ghesquiere 4EVA
Photo: Getty Images/GIF: MTV

In the latest issue of Marie Claire, cover girl Kristen Stewart really lets her hipster flag fly. She reads some of her original poetry, lounges around in Vans and dog tags, casually talks about modernist know the drill by now. But then suddenly, somewhere between the sneakers and Steinbeck, she gets to talking about Nicolas Ghesquiere (creative director of Louis Vuitton, formerly of Balenciaga). As she tells the tale of her introduction to the designer and the world of high fashion in general, it reads more like a romance novel meet-cute than anything else. Check out what she had to say (along with some imagined romantic subtext on my end, identified in italics):

"I did a photo shoot with Bruce Weber when I was 14 for Interview magazine. I met Nicolas Ghesquiere."

Kristen pauses, flipping her auburn bed-head to the other side, switching her part—a nervous tick when interviewers come close to striking an emotional chord. She looks off into the distance, lost in the memory of that chance meeting with Nicolas. A delicate and knowing glimmer flashes in her green eyes, though it disappears just as quickly.

"I was blown away—fashion became less superficial in my eyes, though it wasn't my thing."

She slouches down slightly in her seat and makes brief eye contact with the interviewer again, trying desperately to refocus on the question and avoid revealing too much. But then...

"A couple of years later, he called me up."

...she couldn't fight it. Thoughts of him were flooding her brain.

"He had stuck out [to me] as an artist. Fashion has the best and worst people. The gems stick out."

Kristen exudes more positive energy than she did in all of the Twilight movies combined. She is passionate. Emotional. Is that a flush of color in her cheeks? She twirls her dog tags around her index finger, shifts her weight in her chair, and continues.

"He was a designer I wanted to be around. He was so creative. If I have to walk red carpets, if I have to be in fashion, then I want to be with him."

Somewhere in the distance, the piano intro from Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" begins to play. Her pupils transform into tiny hearts, which are then reflected onto her horn-rimmed glasses. Just as her lips part and one of her rare smiles begins to form at the left corner of her mouth, the interviewer asks about her next film role, and the Ghesquiere-induced trance is instantly broken.

Wow. Who knew that while the tabloids were obsessing over Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, the REAL love story had secretly been taking place for years? I'm calling it: Kristen and Nicolas (Kristolas, if you will) for newest "It" Couple of the fashion world.

To read the full interview—without my obsessive, fanfic annotations—and see K. Stew in some stellar ensembles, giving major brooding face, visit Marie Claire's website or pick up the mag on newsstands today!

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