Lo Bosworth, Siva Kaneswaran, Taylor Schilling, And More Celebrities At New York Fashion Week

Fashion Week

Lo Bosworth, Siva Kaneswaran, and Taylor Schilling and New York Fashion Week.
Photos: Getty Images

How's everyone feeling after Day Two of New York Fashion Week? Are you warmed up and ready for more? Or are you totally burnt out already? Even if you're not trekking from one show to another, keeping up with all the trends and shows can be exhausting. I feel like I ran a marathon and all I've done is look at pictures of celebrities at Fashion Week today. I can't imagine how they feel, especially since they don't look tired, like, at all.

Last night was the launch party for the Peter Pilotto x Target collab that everyone has been eagerly awaiting. Our girl Lo Bosworth went simple in head-to-toe black, while Taylor Schilling wore possibly the cutest outfit I've ever seen. Her multicolored floral dress is totally springy and totally making me want to move to a warmer climate ASAP. As for men, Siva Kaneswaran hit up the Nautica show appropriately dressed in a sweater and scarf.

Lo, Siva, and Taylor weren't the only celebs at shows last night and today (that'd be so lonely!), so be sure to peep all the Fashion Week photos we've collected so far!


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