Why Were Those Women Dressed As Snowflakes At The Sochi Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony?

The U.S. Olympic Team and a mysterious snow woman.
Photo: Getty Images

If you livestreamed the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, you were probably unable to focus on Team USA’s patriotic Ralph Lauren sweater ensembles due to a mysterious woman who was walking in front of them. Decked out in white and wearing an extremely ornate headpiece, she caused quite a commotion on Twitter. It wasn’t because they were wearing white after Labor Day but because no one (with the exception of the Russians) had any idea who these ladies were or why they were dressed like extras from this SNL sketch. With the power vested in us (by Googling Russian fairy tales), let us explain.

The Zimbabwe Olympic Team and a mysterious snow woman.
Photo: Getty Images

This Snow Maiden or Snowy (yeah, I’m def going with Snowy for the rest of this article), is a character from Russian folklore. There are contradictory stories re: how Snowy came to be, but a widely accepted version is that she’s the daughter of Father Frost (Russian Santa Claus) and the Snow Queen. Snowy is an essential part of Russian New Year’s celebrations, so it makes sense that she was chosen to lead the teams through the ceremony. Her familiarity with large celebrations and fireworks makes her the perfect candidate.

The Israel Olympic Team and a mysterious snow woman, henceforth known as Snowy.
Photo: Getty Images

As legend would have it, Snowy is and will forever be young and beautiful. She will never have to recite the lyrics of that Lana Del Rey song to her suitors. The original Snowy only wore white and a crown, which was decorated with silver and pearls. Olympic Snowy is different. She may have stuck to the all-white uniform of her Snowy predecessors, but she traded in a boring ol’ crown for a MASSIVE semicircular headpiece. She also wore two plexiglass hoops around her body, displaying the name of the country she was leading in English and Russian. Between the headpiece, knee-high boots, and body rings, Snowy would definitely not be able to compete in any events. Like, hi, that ish would get MESSED UP participating in the skeleton.

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