VFiles Made Fashion 2: Something For Everyone (Sort Of)

New York Fashion Week's hottest show is VFiles Made Fashion. This show has everything: orange hunting motif, neoprene perfecto jackets, Furby stoles, the entirety of Been Trill, and a human subwoofer. What's a human subwoofer? It's that thing when the DJ (Mess Kid) plays the bass of his runway soundtrack (which included an ill "Survivor" remix, BTW) so loud that you feel it reverberating in your teeth and jowls and your face amplifies the sound for everyone around you.

Stefon Laugh


In all seriousness, this year's VFiles NYFW show (the second VFiles Made Fashion show ever) showed a little something for every flavor of fashion-lover—sporty, minimalist, glam goth. That is, so long as your taste lies somewhere on the spectrum from club kid to inexplicably avant garde (what has two thumbs, AMIRITE???).


VFiles Made Fashion

Looks from the ASSK Fall/Winter 2014 collection shown at the VFiles Made Fashion New York Fashion Week show.
Photo: Getty Images

The first of the night's three collections was ASSK, a Parisian (by way of Australia) duo who the night's program describes as having met "by chance at a [New Year's Eve] party." Ooh, ~mysterious~. The ASSK aesthetic is meant to blend one designer's familiarity with luxury design with the other's fash-boner for #SPORTS. A pretty accurate assessment of what was shown; the end result really is the perfect marriage of both elements. This Fall/Winter 2014 collection takes the neon orange and forest prints of classic hunting gear and reimagines them on very rich-looking, coordinated streetwear separates. Also of significant note from the collection: metallic snapback capes and water-bottle holsters.


VFiles Made Fashion

Looks from the Melitta Baumeister Fall/Winter 2014 collection shown at the VFiles Made Fashion New York Fashion Week show.
Photo: Getty Images

If colors don't speak to you (or you don't want them to speak for you), Melitta Baumeister, who showed second at VFiles, just might be your girl. The German designer debuted an austere, strictly black-and-white ONLY collection that experimented with crisp, minimalist lines, unconventional proportions, and seemingly stiff but unexpectedly lightweight fabrics like neoprene. Also, there were banana appliqués, and who doesn't like a quirky fruit detail?


VFiles Made Fashion

Looks from the Hyein Seo Fall/Winter 2014 collection shown at the 'VFiles Made Fashion' New York Fashion Week show.
Photo: Getty Images

Finally, the collection that closed out the show and launched at least two Instagrams: Hyein Seo. The show program attributes her imaginative collection to an amalgamation of influences: horror film heroines, street culture, punk, skate, Dario Argento, and Fassbinder. In its own way—from its drippy lettered "FEAR" chokers and headbands, its kooky bat-and-skull emblazoned furs, and everything in between—it's a kind of head-on collision of Jeremy Scott Fall/Winter 2013 meets The Blonds of the same season. Not terrible company to keep for a Masters student fresh from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

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