Is Rihanna 'Vogue' Magazine's March Cover Girl?


Is Rihanna fronting the next issue of 'Vogue'?
Photo: Getty Images

NAVY! Are you sitting down? No? OK, we'll wait. (*cue Jeopardy music*) That was for your own safety. Now brace for impact because it looks like your fearless leader, Rihanna, has MAAAYYYBE just landed herself the cover of Vogue yet again. (For the third time, NBD.) And we don't recall hearing ANY jumped-the-gun mumblings about this one, so congrats on keeping such a MAJORLY BIG DEAL under serious wraps, Vogue staffers. Until now, at least!


Rihanna's first two 'Vogue' covers, from 2011 and 2012.
Photos: Vogue

It looks as though photos were leaked earlier this evening that show Rihanna posing on the fashion bible's March cover in a black, semi-sheer sequined top lined with sequined tassels and paired with sequin-encrusted jeans. #shinebrightlikeasequin Her hair is styled in a sweet, swingy, closely cropped pixie. It's a look we haven't seen her sport in a while, which leads us to believe this was shot as far back as late November or maybe even early December. Then again, this is the same girl who will switch from mullet to bob at breakneck speed, so there's really no telling.

Aside from the leaked cover, inside page photos from the alleged shoot have hit the web as well. In one snap, Rih wears a sea foam, spaghetti-strap top that's ornately bedazzled with several sizes of rhinestones and dangling strands of—you guessed it—SEQUINS. We're sensing a theme here. Miss Fenty's makeup throughout the shoot is toned-down and natural, and her piece-y pixie is giving us a major flashback to Halle Berry. Hopefully the real deal will hit the web soon, but in the meantime, stay drooling over these sparkly previews.

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