Katy Perry Rolls Out A Limited Edition Of Her Killer Queen Fragrance


Katy Perry's Killer Queen Oh So Sheer.
Photos: Getty Images/Katy Perry Fragrance's Facebook page

In case you needed another excuse to get excited for spring (LOL #BYEPOLARVORTEX), Katy Perry will be releasing a limited edition of her third fragrance, Killer Queen, made specially for warmer days. The bottling of the new scent, called Killer Queen Oh So Sheer, maintains the same gem-shaped design as Killer Queen—but instead of ruby-red packaging, Oh So Sheer has a light lavender tint. But don't worry, Katy Cats, your golden clan crest still sits at the top. #represent

Oh So Sheer, developed by the same perfumer as the original Killer Queen, smells sweet, floral, and fruity with hints of wild berries, jasmine, caramel, and patchouli. TBH, it sounds pretty delicious, so you should probably beware of hungry passersby when wearing it. It's also said to be made with liquid praline, which I need to get an IV of, STAT. It's available in a few select countries now, but won't hit U.S. shelves until March 1. In the meantime, you should probably stay bundled up and get ready for a fresh-smelling summer.

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