Miley Cyrus Is Unrecognizable In ‘W’ Magazine Spread

Miley Cyrus for ’W.’
Photo: ’W’ Magazine/Foam finger: Amazon

No, the headline isn’t wrong. This is a picture of Miley Cyrus, not Lady Gaga. Can you believe it? We barely can, TBH. After Miley’s W cover leaked last week, we knew the full story and spread would likely be out soon. What we didn’t realize was just how soon. A mere three days after the leak, the spread has arrived in full. Obviously, we need to discuss it.

While the piece, penned by Ronan Farrow, is titled “Miley Cyrus Laid Bare,” Miley does little laying and is not entirely bare in the spread shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. The bleached brows and longer bob she has on the cover remains throughout the spread, but instead of using only a pillow, she (partially) covers up with clothing, like a fully unbuttoned Balmain leather jumpsuit.

Miley Cyrus for ’W.’
Photo: ’W’ Magazine

See? She’s not naked in this shot either! She may be lacking pants, but she has on an Alexander McQueen top, which is also acting as a skirt of sorts. I guess it’s more like a loincloth, but I digress. Miley also seems to have picked up the wet hair trend that is sweeping the nation (see: Harry Styles and Beyonce), though according to the caption on the photo, she is not wet with water, but with oil.

You can read the entire interview and peep more pictures on W’s website, or pick it up IRL when it hits newsstands on February 12th.

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