Happy 20th Birthday, Harry Styles! Here Are 20 Things You Wore On Your Head This Year!

Harry Styles

Happy birthday, Harry!
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Today is Harry Styles' 20th birthday, which means there are no longer any teens in One Direction! It's totally acceptable to be a 20-something who loves the band, because now they are all 20-somethings, too! YAY. Let us rejoice! Last year, we wished Harry a year of good hair days, unaware that he'd soon be swapping his trademark side swept 'do for something a little more vertical. In the past year, Harry has stepped up his accessory game, introducing a variety of headbands and hats into his on- and offstage looks. Begrudgingly (JK 4EVA!), we pored over hundreds of photos of 19-year-old Harry to find some of his best headgear. We don't know what the next year will bring for sire Styles, but it's almost guaranteed to be fashion and accessory-filled. I mean, the dude is a British Style Icon. Plus, there's our inevitable wedding (I'm looking at dates in 2014), so he's bound to look great for that.

Happy birthday, Harry! Here are 20 things you wore on your head this year, in case you forgot!

Harry Styles

Harry Styles loves hats.
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When he was a boyish 18, the only hats Harry wore were beanies. They flop, his hair flopped, it was a match made in floppy heaven. At 19, though, Harry introduced new hats into his wardrobe. There was the ubiquitous tan fedora he wore all summer and the black porkpie hat he showed off on Instagram. He also began wearing hats to award shows and on stage. At the Teen Choice Awards, he debuted a wide-brimmed hat that could've easily been stolen from John Mayer's closet, and onstage in Australia, he wore some local flare.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles loves headbands.
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Last spring, Harry began his love affair with headbands. He used actual headbands, pieces of old shirts, and straight-up scarves to hold back his curls. The frequent use of headbands seems to have (maybe permanently) delayed any haircuts Harry was considering in 2013. If you straightened his hair, it'd be, like, floor-length.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles loves beanies.
Photos: Splash News/@harrystyles Instagram/MTV

Just because Harry said "whatup" to new types of hats doesn't mean he completely abandoned his love for beanies. His hair does still flop, after all. In 2012, he was partial to an oversized grayish-green beanie, but in 2013 he introduced a number of colors, including orange and blue. His gray bobble-top beanie even made an appearance in 1D's movie, This Is Us. It was also in close proximity to his shirtless bod, so...

Harry Styles

Harry Styles loves unusual caps.
Photos: @harrystyles Instagram

When he got sick of fedoras, beanies, and headbands, Harry turned his sights to a cheesehead and an NYPD cap. In his younger days, Harry never would've crushed his curls under the weight of all dat cheese. Now look at him. My bb is growing up so fast.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles loves baseball hats.
Photos: @harrystyles Instagram/@onedirection Instagram/Splash News/One Direction's Twitter

Finally, in his last year as a teen, Harry discovered baseball caps. Maybe it took him so long to get in on the cap game because he's from Britain where they don't play baseball, but we would've waited forever. They look very good. He wears them as a normal, non-celeb would: to play #sportz, to drink juice, and to stand next to Sienna Miller while wearing a blonde wig. You're familiar with all those scenarios, right?

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