Katy Perry Shows Off Her Wig Collection On Twitter


Wigs! We did it!
Photo: @katyperry's Twitter

Imagine, for a minute, that you're a world-famous pop star. You just performed your brand new single live at the 2014 Grammys, and a few days later, you get this phone call from someone on your team: "CONGRATULATIONS, [insert stage name here]! That song you performed at the Grammys has officially taken over the top position on Billboard's Hot 100! How are you going to honor this momentous occasion?" Here are a few ways you might choose to celebrate: by going to Disneyland, by popping bottles, by taking a well-deserved day off, by ordering one of everything at McDonald's and not feeling bad about it. Here's how Katy Perry actually celebrated when "Dark Horse" hit number one: with wigs.


A few of Katy's most recent weaves.
Photos: Getty Images

When the news of Katy's success broke, Juicy J, who's also featured on the track, Instagrammed a photo of Moët champagne and Roscoe's Chicken'n Waffles. "Congrats to @therealjuicyj for Dark Horse going #1! My celebration was the same... But different...," Perry tweeted with a photo of a healthy-looking meal, some green juice, and three (seemingly) new wigs.

Which actually kind of makes sense, seeing as how Katy has been wearing a LOT of different 'dos recently. Like, she's almost starting to rival Lady Gaga in the fake hair department. And that's saying something. In the last week alone, she's worn at least three looks: up in a knot, down in perfect curls, and with bangs. It seems as if she'll continue to wear bangs in the future, though, as each of her new wigs feature bangs of varied lengths. And TBH, as someone with bangs, that's a pretty sweet thing to have. So, congrats, Katy! (On the success of "Dark Horse" AND your awesome new wigs. #jealous)

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