Get The Earrings Hayley Williams Wears In The 'Ain't It Fun' Video!

Hayley Williams

Get Hayley Williams' watch earrings!
Photo: Fueled By Ramen/Looks By LOIS

In the video for "Ain't It Fun," Paramore's latest single, Hayley Williams and Co. set out to break the "most world records in a music video." They smash alarm clocks with guitars, catch feathers, destroy vinyl records, and run backwards blindfolded while carrying stuffed animals. Sure, we were interested to see if they'd break any records, but we were more interested in Hayley's blunt bob. It's still bright (duh), but the shorter length means that her earring game needs to be on-point. Predictably, it is. Big time. Even better than merely gazing at her dangling accessories? You can get 'em yourself. Yeah, NBD, we have all the deets on the earrings, including where to find them!

The wristwatch earrings, from Looks by LOIS, not only tell the time (only twice a day, if you know what I mean), but reflect their surroundings. Yes, they're mirrored! They're also acrylic, so they're light. Your lobes will remain pain-free and intact. The best part of this entire discovery (besides owning something Hayley Williams also owns)? They're on sale until February 5th because of the "Ain't It Fun" video! Scoop them up while you still can.


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