Of Course Miley Cyrus Wears A Gold Weed Earpiece

Yep. Probably could’ve guessed this.
Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for MTV

And now for the s*** you didn’t see. Or rather couldn’t, because there isn’t even an alternate universe in which a director would take a tight shot of someone’s EAR for a high-profile, nationally televised performance. To the surprise of, I’m sure, literally no one, Miley Cyrus owns sparkly gold earpieces emblazoned with teeny-tiny cannabis leaves. It’s no secret that Miles has a thing for Mary Jane. She wears her love of weed on her sleeve. And her halter top. And her backpack. And, of course, in lieu of an acceptance speech at this year’s MTV EMA, she lit up a joint onstage. But what you might not have known or noticed was that Miles’ earpieces, which she’s used for countless performances from iHeartRadio to MTV Unplugged, advertise her 420 ethos, as well.

Claps for the attention to detail.
Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for MTV

That’s not the only piece of her gear that got the custom treatment, though. When your wardrobe is too itsy-bitsy to hide your very necessary technical equipment, you get crafty. Someone on Miley’s team—we’re guessing stylist Simone Harouche—knew the clunky mic pack clipped to the back of Miley’s rhinestone belt would really mess with the look of her Western catsuit from behind, so it was covered with the same red gingham fabric to better blend in. Clever and resourceful. Well played.


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