This Is Rihanna's Version Of The Commuter Quick-Change


Rihanna in fur and sneakers, NBD.
Photo: Getty Images

While we mere mortals were still snoring into our pillows this morning, Rihanna was looking flawless in Times Square at the crack of dawn. We're talking the red-lips, sleek-hair, fur-coat kind of flawless. And this was just what she wore BEFORE her television appearance on Good Morning America. She made the brief trek from her car to the studio wearing a glamorous, vintage floor-length fur coat over gray sweats and New Balance sneakers—Rih's elevated version of casual streetwear. She also arrived with her hair and makeup already done to perfection. (BTW, it's been months since we've seen her rock straight hair, and we've gotta admit we've missed it.)


Rihanna on 'Good Morning America.'
Photo: @GMA's Twitter

When Miss Fenty reemerged within the GMA walls, she revealed a much more old-school professional look for her on-air outfit. This is super important because basically Rihanna just did the same kind of kicks-to-heels quick-change millions of working women pull en route to their buttoned-up office jobs, just, y'know, the Rihanna version.

Rih wore an orange suit and long pearl necklace, both vintage Chanel, and simple Manolo pumps. To give her look a bit of edge, she wore a ribbed bodysuit (designed by Adam Selman) under her Chanel. Anyone else picking up major Naomi Campbell vibes? On the accessory front, she rocked an assortment of bejeweled knuckle rings and dainty chains, all complementing her henna and immaculate white manicure.

And to think this all happened before most of us had breakfast. Rihanna, we bow down.

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