Is This Part Of Demi Lovato's Neon Lights Tour Wardrobe?


Will Demi wear this on stage?
Photo: @ddlovato's Twitter

Demi Lovato's Neon Lights Tour is right around the corner (it kicks off on February 9th), and here's what we know to expect so far: Demi's newly pink hair, neon and lights and probably a lot of neon lights, a magician, and judging from the sneak-peek picture she recently tweeted, a live-action, Renaissance-style joust with knights in full suits of plated armor. TOUCHÉ, m'lady! Actually, we're only guessing about that last part, but Demi does look ready for a battle royale (save, y'know, actual weaponry) in that chain-mail getup, amirite?

What's more likely, though, is that this outfit relates to Lovato's setlist. Because shining armor wasn't only reserved for knights—it was also used by WARRIORS across the globe. Get it? Warrior? Like the devastatingly beautiful song of the same name from her most recent, self-titled album? *cue flickering lightbulbs*

It's clear that it means a lot to her, seeing as how she got the phrase "now I'm a warrior" tattooed on her shoulder in honor of the emotional track last May. "Warrior" is laced with some pretty heavy lyrics—it's gut-wrenching and vulnerable—so it's understandable that it makes her feel "naked" when she performs it in front of other people. What's a good way to make indisputably sure you're not naked? Loading yourself up with clothes MADE OF METAL. You can feel the difference.

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