Miley Cyrus Does Sequined Double Denim For 'Unplugged' Madonna Mashup

Miley Cyrus, Madonna

Madonna and Miley Cyrus perform for 'Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged.'
Photo: Getty Images/Christopher Polk

Y'all ain't ready for this. I'm reporting live from L.A. for Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged—which you should already know premieres at 9 p.m. EST/PST on MTV this Wednesday night (January 29)—and I can confirm that this thing is going to be WILD (as if you had any doubts). Miley's throwing back to her Nashville roots for the stripped-down performance, but she's remixing it with her own very special brand of TURNT. There's a giant wagon wheel laced with LED lights, bales of hay are strewn about the audience, Miles is dripping in head-to-toe sequined denim, and MADONNA IS HERE IN FULL RHINESTONE COWBOY REGALIA.

Miley Cyrus, Madonna

Miley Cyrus and Madonna at 'Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged.'
Photo: @madonna's Instagram

Yep, the Queen of Pop is paying a visit to the Tsaritsa of Twerk, and you do not want to miss it. That's not just because the "Don't Tell Me" x "We Can't Stop" collab is bananas and feels so brain-pettingly correct—kind of like how the series finale of Breaking Bad ties up all the loose ends PERFECTLY, except this isn't your favorite five-season TV show, it's years of pop-culture, lady rebel history—but from a style perspective (I can't turn it off, sorry I'm not sorry), you also really need to see these 'fits in motion.

Miley's ensemble is straight from the Ashish Spring/Summer 2014 collection, which slathers sparkle and sheen on '90s staples like baggy distressed denim, grungy flannels, and classic Coca-Cola logos. Rather than falling in line with the runway's Nirvana glitz vibes, Miley's stylist Simone Harouche pulled the oversized deconstructed jacket and blue-to-gold gradient-sequined jeans from an Ashish look and styled it with a teeny triangle bikini top in the same shimmering denim blue (also Ashish), rhinestone-speckled cowboy boots, a white bedazzled cowboy hat, and a little black Chanel lunchbox-looking handbag.


A look from Ashish's Spring/Summer 2014 collection.
Photo: Getty Images

Madge is suited in matching Western-themed separates riddled with crystal flourishes, glittering fringe, and a 10-gallon Eric Javits hat (custom embellished with 1,200 Swarovski crystals) of her own. Together, they're so much Blazing Saddles-meets-Glitter Gulch, and it's THE BEST.

So, again. Where are you gonna be tomorrow at 9 p.m. EST/PST? The only correct answer: watching Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged.


Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged

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