Get The Look: Kira's Superhero Leggings From 'Teen Wolf'

Teen Wolf

Kira wearing leggings from Wet Seal on 'Teen Wolf.'
Photo: MTV/Wet Seal

Well, last night's Teen Wolf was dark (literally and figuratively). Between Ethan, Lydia, and Isaac getting attacked and the unclear future of Allison's dad, we almost didn't notice what our fave characters were wearing. JK! No amount of action can stop our constant lookout for ~fashion~. One thing that (besides all the neon bodypaint) immediately caught our attention though, was Kira's hero leggings. The printed leggings were versatile enough for Kira to wear to school, to the police precinct, and to a rave, so we are confident we could find a place for them in our wardrobe.

Teen Wolf

Kira on 'Teen Wolf.'
Photo: MTV

Unfortunately, the leggings, from Wet Seal, were so popular that they're totally sold out, but we're hunting them down. We will find them. While we wouldn't recommend wearing them to steal police evidence (or to steal anything at all), we would highly recommend them for school and raves. They even glow in the dark, which is crucial for all blacklight parties (see: Demi Lovato's "Neon Lights" video).

We'll keep you updated as we track them down, but you can always try your luck at a, y'know, IRL Wet Seal store. You never know what you may find on the sale rack.


Teen Wolf — 'Illuminated'

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