Harry Styles Or Beyonce: Who Wore Wet Hair Better?

Harry Styles, Beyonce

Harry Styles and Beyonce with wet hair.
Photos: One Direction's Tumblr/Getty Images

Wet hair, normally reserved for after the shower, at the beach, or in a pool, seems to be making its way into live performances and music videos. Beyonce sported a wet 'do onstage at the Grammys, while Harry Styles appears to have dripping wet hair in new promo images for One Direction's upcoming music video, "Midnight Memories." What gives? Some of us can't leave the house with wet hair, guys. Some of us need to load our hair up with product and wrap it around a curling iron approximately one billion times before it even comes close to being presentable. Some of us live in New York where it's going to be very cold forever (not #confirmed). Since some of us cannot take part in this new wet hair trend, let's discuss whether Harry or Beyonce wore the style better.

When Beyonce took the stage at the Grammys with soaking wet hair, we were like, "OMG, B., did you not leave enough time to dry your hair before you opened the show?" Then we realized she was recreating her "Drunk in Love" video and we were like, "Oh. Never mind. Of course Beyonce left enough time for her hair. Who are we kidding?" Bey's wet hair stood in stark contrast to her sheer black La Perla ensemble, which she would definitely not wear in the shower. Or in the ocean. Not even on a SURFBOARDT.

When we spotted a sopping pop star only two days later, we were intrigued. One Direction's new video is dropping on Friday and team 1D has been posting exclusive GIFs to get Directioners excited about the video. Trust me, team 1D, we (me and my fellow Directioners) were already excited about the video, but if you want to keep posting images of a sopping wet Harry motioning to call him over and over, we won't complain. We're having flashbacks of a soaked Harry with wet, yet still windswept, hair in the "Live While We're Young" video. His hair has changed (up and back rather than out and to the side), but our excitement at seeing him drenched has not.

So, who do you think looks better with wet hair: Harry or Beyonce?

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