Fifth Harmony Show Off Subtle Coordination At MTV's Artist To Watch Kickoff Concert

Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony at MTV's Artist To Watch Concert.
Photo: Getty Images

Ever since we got a behind-the-scenes look at Fifth Harmony shopping for VMA looks, we've been keeping close tabs on what the five stylish ladies wear, both onstage and off. We were thrilled when MTV included Fifth Harmony in their group of Artist to Watch for 2014 because (a) these ladies should definitely be watched, and (b) their style is totally enviable. Normani, Lauren, Camila, Ally, and Dinah Jane have all retained their personal aesthetic since they were grouped on the X Factor, yet they've learned how to coordinate their preferences with their fellow 5H members. Their outfits at the Artist to Watch Kickoff Concert are a perfect example of their collective style, and we need to take a closer look.

Normani, Camila, and Ally coordinated in crop tops, with Camila in stripes and shoulder cutouts, Normani in a very short sequin shirt, and Ally showing off just a hint of skin. Like those three, Dinah is also in head-to-toe black, with her leather jacket complementing Ally's leather skirt and Normani's shorts. The only one not in black, Lauren, appears to have missed a memo, but—AHA!—if you direct your attention to Camila's ever-present hair bow, you'll notice it's not black. It's maroon, just like Lauren's dress. ~Harmony~, y'all.

If you want to watch Fifth Harmony's corresponding looks in motion, head over to MTV's Artist to Watch hub, where you can peep their performance (and the rest of the performances from the concert!).


Artist to Watch Live: 2014 Kickoff Concert with Fifth Harmony

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