Selena Gomez Just Broke Out Her Bindi Again

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez wearing a bindi.
Photo: Splash News

Sooo, I bet Selena Gomez is having a pretty weird day? She's probably mentally preparing herself for the barrage of Bieber-related questions she'll be asked for the next three to four months. If it's any consolation, even through all that, she's 100% the most stylish person I've ever seen at a gas station. Like, usually when I need to fill up/grab snacks, I only see basketball shorts and sweatshirts (fine, it's when I look in the gas station bathroom mirror), but Selly really has a great look going on here. Let's discuss.

First of all, great haircut, Sel! We know she'd been toying with the idea of cutting her hair into a bob, but this shoulder-length 'do is really good, too. Then there's her nude bodysuit, which she's accessorized with two tasseled Kendra Scott necklaces. Very glamorous graduation chic, IMHO. The most crucial part of her on-point look, though, is the return of her bindi.

Last April, Selly joined the likes of Katy Perry and Gwen Stefani in the bindi-as-accessory club. She wore the look during performances of "Come & Get It" and for an appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman. She had never worn it (to our knowledge) ~just chilling~ until today. At a gas station. While Selena has obviously worn it purely for decoration before, maybe there's some significance to wearing it again? Rough day, perhaps? Need help concentrating?

Whether Selena just randomly decided to wear a bindi again or if she's looking to incorporate it into her look again remains to be seen, but, either way, we should all buy nude bodysuits for our trips to gas stations. It will confuse everyone as they fill up their cars, which they should not drag race.

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