Cat Ladies: Get Taylor Swift's 'The Great Catsby' Sweatshirt

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift gets punny.
Photos: Splash News/WILDFOX

Long-reigning queen of the cat ladies Taylor Swift has outdone herself. For those of you who can't read her shirt, it says "The Great Catsby" in all-caps script. Above the writing are two cats wearing accessories: one in a daisy-chain necklace (a little too on the nose, IMHO) and the other in a bow tie. They are waving. Just two cool cats (the puns don't end!), ready to go to a party at Leo's house. OF COURSE, Taylor Swift owns this sweatshirt! Good news: You can, too!

Yes, fellow cat ladies, this Wildfox sweatshirt can be yours for $108. Taylor wore hers to the gym, but it's perfectly appropriate for fancier occasions, such as your cat's birthday or a Great Gatsby-themed luncheon (if people are still having those).

If you want one of these bad boys, you're gonna have to move fast. The overlap between cat ladies and Swifties is too great: This sweatshirt is bound to sell out. Soon. Once you get your hands on one, you can wear it to your friend's Oscar party and say periodically, "If The Great Gatsby had been made with cats, it would definitely have been nominated for some categories. 'Cutest,' for instance." You'll never be invited to a party again, but it'll be worth it!

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