‘Teen Wolf’ Trend: Aiden, Ethan, And Scott Are All Really Into Heathered V-Necks Right Now

Ethan and Aiden, played by Charlie and Max Carver, in ’Teen Wolf.’
Photo: MTV

Well, last night’s Teen Wolf was certainly full of action, wasn’t it? There were potential romances bloomin’ all over the place, a murderer/kidnapper on the loose, and a young werewolf/man who experienced sushi for the first time. We’re not here to talk action, though. We’re here to talk fashion, and we noticed a trend sweeping the hallowed halls of Beacon Hills High.

Seeing the former (sorry, guys) Alpha Twins dressed in coordinated outfits is nothing new. Sometimes they match in jeans and long-sleeve shirts, and sometimes they both decide to go sans shirt. Either way, they make it #WERK. On last night’s episode, the Alphas Omegas rolled up to school in V-neck blue tees. Ethan opted for a lighter wash—almost gray—while Aiden went darker and with henley buttons. Two more undone buttons and we’d be treated to a way deeper V-neck. Maybe next time.

Scott, played by Tyler Posey, in ’Teen Wolf.’
Photo: MTV

Another fan of the blue heathered V-neck tee in last night’s episode? Scott! Could the twins be emulating the new Alpha’s style? Are blue T-shirts the uniform of the new pack? Sure, Stiles and Isaac were totally against Scott aligning himself with the twins, but the dude needs some fellow wolves to hang with. They’ve got the look down. Now they just need to behave, like, sorta civilly toward one another. Maybe next week they’ll have matching letterman jackets with “WOLF PACK” written across the back. (Throwbackkkk!) Though if Stiles and Isaac have any say, they def won’t. WHOMP. DREAMS CRUSHED.


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