Golden Globes Fashion And Beyonce's Love Of Versace Topped Our Headlines This Week

Lupita Nyong'o at the 2014 Golden Globes.
Photo: Getty Images

• The Golden Globes were last weekend and we kept tabs on all the fashion from the show, the accessories, and Emma Watson's backless dress. Peep all our coverage from the Golden Globes hurr.

• Beyonce's been wearing a ton of Versace recently and, well, we noticed. We see you, Bey, we see you.

• We spoke with Teen Wolf's costume designer about why Isaac was wearing a scarf when it was obviously warm out. Then we were like, wait, Isaac can wear whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

• We peeped a commercial that appears to be for Beyonce's new perfume. It was heavy on the glitter and hair-flips. We would've bought Rise anyway, but now we're definitely going to buy it.

• Finally, Katy Perry performed in Beijing in never-before-seen outfits. We wondered if they were, perhaps, being considered for her Prismatic Tour because they both included and reflected MAD LIGHT.

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