Mac Miller Dyed His Hair Bright Pink

Mac’s new ’do.
Photo: @larryfisherman’s Instagram

What do Mac Miller, Perez Hilton, Chris Benz, Billy Joe Armstrong, and Dennis Rodman all have in common? (And no, they’re not all BFFs with North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un.) Give up? As of today, they’ve all decided to transform their tresses with a bold new hue: pink! And not, like, a soft baby pink either. We’re talkin’ BRIGHT.

Miller posted several pics of his makeover (man-over? male-over?) on Instagram today, starting with a shot of himself in a see-through shower cap. He doesn’t ~appear~ to be in a salon, though, so we’re guessing this was a spur-of-the-moment, DIY ’do—straight-up Manic Panic style. The photos that followed showed the 21-year-old rapper’s daring shade in all of its eye-popping glory, and we have to say, we’re digging it. Hard.

Pink is for playas.
Photo: @larryfisherman’s Instagram

Mac has never been afraid of brights (see also: his love of graphic prints and his colorful collaboration with Neff), but what will the Most Dope Family think?! Did anyone consider posing the question “What Would Kanye Do?” before Mac got to work on his dye job? (Probably not, since Yeezy’s not big on neons at the moment.) Regardless, what we’re REALLY dying (pun intended) to know is: Do they make lipstick in that shade?

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