Taylor Swift Reveals Her Keds Collection Inspiration: Herself


Taylor Swift at the 2014 Golden Globes.
Photo: Getty Images

Once upon a time, Taylor Swift was the prettiest princess in all of Hollywood. Dancing teacups and singing birds followed her everywhere she went. JK. But at the beginning of her career, she did seem to follow the motto: The more tulle and sparkle, the better. "I never got to go to prom," Swift laments in a recent interview with Teen Vogue. "So when I was younger, I wore prom dresses on the red carpet or to awards shows."

Now, at the ripe old age of 24, T. Swizzle has graduated from her former style and developed a polished, more mature look that's all her own, but she still favors one of the same brands she loved as a child. "When I was a little kid, I had a pair of white Keds I wore everywhere," Taylor admits. "It was a nostalgic feeling when they asked me to be the inspiration for the collection. It's cool to be part of something with such a legacy."

Swift released her latest collaboration with the classic shoe brand last summer, and confesses it was mainly inspired by her own wardrobe. "There's a lot of lace, polka dots, and stripes because those are the things I wear all the time!" TBH, they should probably include a print with, like, nine-foot-long legs in her next collection, because the girl has been working some seriously stem-skimming minis these days, too. (Obviously, there's a reason I don't design shoes. The execution of that would be freakish.)

Check out the rest of Taylor's interview with Teen Vogue over here.

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