Lorde Wears A Vintage Band Tee On The Cover Of 'Rolling Stone'


Lorde on the covering of 'Rolling Stone.'
Photo: Rolling Stone

In case you couldn't tell, this is Lorde on the cover of Rolling Stone. With Lorde's glorious mane covering five of the letters from the magazine's name, it could easily pass as "Roll One," which would be, like, a magazine about good bread or something, IDK. It's definitely Rolling Stone, though, because Lorde is very, very excited about it. She's given the announcement an all-caps tweet, so you know she's excited. She doesn't throw caps around frequently.

This isn't Lorde's first magazine cover, but it is the first of 2014 and also—hello—Rolling Stone is huge. The singer is, as usual, channeling "goth vibes" on the cover, with her dark plum lips and familiar all-black uniform.

Once you stop trying to figure out how to get Lorde's hair and cheekbones, your focus may shift to her shirt, which features a man with a 'do that rivals hers. The character belongs to the Cramps, a '70s punk band. Since it is also the Cramps' first time on the cover of Rolling Stone, the magazine has a brief rundown of their history, which you can peep here. We are not only totally into her blazer and tee look, but so, so happy that when Lorde does vintage, she opts for band merch rather than gowns. She's like us, only, y'know, famous and on the cover of a magazine.

The entire issue comes out on Friday, but for an interview excerpt, check out Rolling Stone's website.

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