Lily Allen Rocks Pigtails And Nail Art For Her ‘Air Balloon’ Music Video

Lily Allen on the set of her new video for “Air Balloon.”
Photo: @lilyallen’s Instagram

After a too-long hiatus (three years, to be exact), Lily Allen is back. From what I understand, she was busy doing things, like, having kids and getting married, or whatever. Basically, she’s a certified adult now, but that doesn’t mean she’s lost her playful charm. Allen kicked off her comeback in November, with a new single AND a new video for “Hard Out Here,” which featured a slew of dirty dancers on a soundstage, droppin’ it like it’s hot in barely-there outfits made of leather and mesh. According to a few pics Allen recently posted on Instagram, the location for her next video will be a bit more, um, scenic. (Don’t worry, though. There will still be mesh. IRIDESCENT mesh.)

Safari nails.
Photo: @lilyallen’s Instagram

Wearing a SO SPARKLY mesh tee over a neon-spotted bikini top and cuffed jean shorts (#JORTS), Lily touched down in Cape Town, South Africa, to shoot the video for her next single, “Air Balloon.” From the front, all’s well, but I’m a little concerned about what’s going on with her jorts in the back, as it appears she must have ripped off a few strips of denim for her pigtails. I’m getting an EDM cheerleader vibe or something. IDK.

Then again, if her crazy-amazing nail art is any indication, maybe that’s just the way she prefers to dress for a safari. Or a safari rave? Do those exist? They should. Allen recruited NYC-based nail artist, Naomi Yasuda, for her wild (heh) manicure, which has a glittery, tri-color base and is decked out with African animals and tiny, adorable hearts. Lily <3 beasts. We’ll ~try~ to be patient while they’re filming, but in the meantime, we’re going to need an album release date, kthx.

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